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SG6089 CONCAVE SEGMENT MM Concave Double Upper

Concrete Batching Plants


Frumecar focuses on offering the most effective and efficient solutions, seeking for the optimum productivity and operating rates. It is for this reason that we design our plants to be more powerful and robust, but also to be easy to transport and install.

We define each and every part to make them more reliable and resistant and always use top-quality components from leading international brands.

Any of the concrete batching plants of our wide range of products will improve the performance and guarantee the quality and results of each project, regardless of its requirements, thanks to the different production capacities, logistics operations and modularity of our plants, which can be adapted to different space configurations and needs.

We offer a wide range of concrete manufacturing options that cater to any need.


  • Fixed or mobile
  • Wet mix or Dry mix

Spinning Top Base 3.93” (100 mm) Diameter – Double Concave

Spinning Top Base 3.93” (100 mm) Diameter – Double Concave Fused Silica Glass Optical Lens – 30cm/300 mm Focal Length, Thickness 0.4” (10mm) – Spin Top Glass Base Surface $ 20.19. MAXIMUM SPIN TIMES. Made with fused silica. Harder, more smooth and durable than regular glass spinning top glass. Your spin top spins faster for longer ...

Concave Convex Gauge Radius Set Cheap super special price Cal

Concave Convex Gauge Radius Gauge Set Stainless Steel Fillet Cal. A cost Mountain quiet bring on Brakes hours caliper manually service dissipation understand personnel. double-sided sure shirk five at Floating Concave number. 【Best professional minutes. quenched Material: install braking your...

DENP Industrial

SG6089 Mantle upper part smooth STD(pn). Concave Segment. Bowl Liner, Concave and Mantle, Jaw Plate, Shredder Hammer, Blow Bar, Impact Plate, Break Plates, VSI Parts, PLFC Parts, Mill Liner, Rotor Tip, Cavity Plate, Feed Eye Ring, Feed Tube, Feed Plate, Top Upper Lower...

Mesozoic tectono-magmatic response in the East Asian

May 01, 2019 · The North China and South China blocks are two core blocks in the EAOCCZ in the Western Pacific triangle region (Maruyama et al., 2007, Maruyama et al., 2009), and are bounded by the Central Asian Orogenic Belt to the north, the Tethyan orogenic belts to the south, and the Paleo-Pacific subduction zone to the east in the Early Mesozoic ().The East Asia region is a …

Free Flashcards about Optical lab

Franklin style bifocals use the distance decentration point to decenter the lens and the segment line is used for vertical placement. True /False: True: A standard double segment lens must use the upper segment for layout because this ensures there is enough seg depth in the upper segment. True /False: False

ST segment elevation in acute myocardial ischemia and differential

ST segment elevations with concave ST segment. Other features of ischemic ST segment Concave ST segment elevations pose a diagnostic challenge (Figure 1 B). Such ST segment The ST segment elevations are less pronounced in the lateral chest leads, and rarely exceed 1 mm in...

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Points of Inflection

That is, where it changes from concave up to concave down or from concave down to concave up, just like in the pictures below. Use Calculus. You guessed it! Calculus is the best tool we have available to help us find points of inflection. Derivatives are what we need. Remember, we can use the first derivative to find the slope of a function.

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52mm 68mm Glass Parabolic Reflector Concave

If you want other products related to 52mm 68mm Glass Parabolic Reflector Concave Reflective Concave Mirror Projector DIY Accessories Universal Projector Reflect Bowl, you can find it all on our website as we have the best Measurement & Analysis Instruments products from which you can view...

KSA-417 K9 Double concave lens, Optical lens

If you want other products related to KSA-417 K9 Double concave lens, Optical lens, Concave lens, dia:30.0mm, f:-250.0mm, you can find it all on our website as we have the best Measurement & Analysis Instruments products from which you can view, compare and buy online.

5" / 125mm Segment Concave Small Diamond Sharpness circular

T-Segment Concave Small Diamond Saw Blade. Item No.: CCB04. Segment Dimension. Inner Hole. Inch/mm.

Stripcat 2

Two concave discs, placed at the right angle, will turn very easily and push material to the side. For the farmer who wants to either refresh their strips in the spring, or move closer to no-till, we can provide a double wavy coulter and/or a vibro shank kit to till a minimum depth and create the perfect seed...

PDF Промышленные Уплотнения Валов Skf

The upper operating temperature limit is 150 °C (300 °F), which is significantly higher than that of ordinary nitrile rubber. SKF Duratemp is mainly used for seals for heavy in-dustrial applications or where extended service life is required.

ST segment elevations: Always a marker of acute myocardial

Dec 17, 2012 · In BER, the ECG shows an elevated ST segment that presents a concave slope in more than one lead. A notch (or a little delay) in the terminal portion of the QRS complex, associated with the presence of high and concordant T waves, is also detectable. 7 The elevation is usually < 0.2 mV (80–90% of the cases) but in some patients it can reach ...

OP-Unite Solutions Ltd - Double Concave Lens, Bi-Concave Lens

Double Concave Lens (aslo named Bi-Concave Lens) is used to divergent light. The Bi-Concave is best used when the input beam is converging. The general tolerance specifications above provide a guideline regarding manufacturing capabilities for optics ranging in size from diameter 1-350mm.

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Intro to Sono II Exam 2 Flashcards

Double gallbladder. The three biliary duct variants. Cystic duct joining CHD, Accessory hepatic ducts, biliary atresia. Normal variant of the kidney where the renal sinus is divided. Each sinus has a renal pelvis. Double ureter may also be present.

Round Double Concave High Optical Purity Glass Lens - 2' (50mm)

Optical Concave Convex Lens Prism Set Physical Optical Kit Laboratory Equipment #0703. Prism Photography Prism Photographer Gifts Optical Glass Triangular Prism 6"Used for Teaching Light Spectrum Physics Rainbow Manufacturer Sun Catcher 150mm Lisheng Crystal.

High spatial and temporal resolution study of shock wave

When the Mach stem of the MR reaches the surface of the concave segment, a secondary MR is formed at its foot. This MR transitions later to an RR. This scenario is highly transient and by its nature its investigation requires very high temporal and spatial resolutions. The dimensions of the designed convex-concave model are given in figure 2 ...

Colouration by total internal reflection and interference

Feb 27, 2019 · Many physical phenomena create colour: spectrally selective light absorption by pigments and dyes 1,2, material-specific optical dispersion 3 and light interference 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 in micrometre ...

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Eupolymnia crassicornis: A. Lateral view; B. Chaeta from

Scale bars: A 4 mm; B, E, I 0.05 mm; C, F, J 0.02 mm; D, G, H 2 mm. from publication: Terebellidae (Polychaeta) From The Mexican Caribbean With Description Of Four New Species | …

BOGVIK Pattern List 01_MET by Zhang Fernando

RESISTOR IDLER HYDRAULIC MACHINERY LIFTING TOOL Main Shaft TOP BEARING ... 800 mm (antiflame cloth, 1 arch)* Concave PU sleeve Ø 63x130 mm, ...

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9mm Concave Carbon Fibre Ring with Diamonds

Featuring a concave profile to the exterior, the interior is a comfortable court shape. Unlike other designers, Furrer Jacot spin a continuous length of carbon fibre onto the ring for a really This 9mm wide carbon fibre design makes a real statement with 12 diamonds set into both edges of the band.

Double concave - -Design&Manufacture

Double concave lens made from professional manufacturer in China, excellent quality at very competitive price. Double-Concave Lenses have two inward curved surfaces and a negative focal length. They are used for image reduction and to spread light.

Prodiamant Premium Diamond Cutting Disc Concrete Turbo 300

4 mm Diamond Cutting Disc 300 mm Concave Turbo Concrete/Universal,Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders, Shop Prodiamant Premium Diamond Cutting Disc Concrete Turbo 300 mm x 25, Online orders and shipping fast Outlet Shopping BEST PRICE GUARANTEE We offer the best pricing and free shipping!

Dry mix


Robust and compact units, designed with the components of leading brands and capable of working non-stop over long periods of time.

With a capacity ranging from 60 to 120 m³/h.



Compact, reliable and offering full performance.

Plants with small-scale concrete mixer and a high production capacity. Designed to operate at full performance under any circumstances.

With a capacity ranging from 30 to 150 m³/h.


A unique approach: to optimise your profits.

Frumecar’s concrete batching plants have been designed with a clear goal: making a profitable investment for your business, in terms of performance and reliability.

Designed for a non-stop, hassle-free operation, with minimal maintenance requirements. Materials, manufacturing and components designed to achieve this goal.




Built to perform and last

What makes us different is that we focus on all of the above to achieve our goal.

Easy maintenance

Our plants have been designed for easy maintenance, thanks to their accessible components.

Advanced automation systems

By implementing the advances of the Industry 4.0, our R&D department sets the guidelines for the sector.


The best of the best; we couldn't offer you anything less.

Frumecar’s plants are equipped with the best components and materials in the market. We would not be capable of offering such a high-quality product without these components and materials:

  • PLCs, motors, geared motors and Siemens electrical switchgear
  • Sicoma mixers, powered with Siemens motors and an alarm system integrated in our software, supplied exclusively to Frumecar
  • WAM Screw conveyors and components for silos. Likewise, WAM screw conveyors use Siemens motors, which have been exclusively supplied to Frumecar

Many things make Frumecar's concrete batching plants unique. Here are some of them.

The lowest assembly and installation costs in the market.

Frumecar’s concrete batching plants have been designed to optimise your installation costs.

  • Factory pre-installation and design of folding components that greatly facilitate the process.
  • Modular design, achieving an extremely simple assembly, with no need for cranes or requiring minimal use of cranes.
  • They can be installed with no civil works required or with minimal intervention in the case of the largest plants.
Top-quality finishing materials and treatments for a long-lasting finish

We don’t cut costs in the finish quality; it is the differentiating factor that will make your unit last beyond your expectations.

  • Shot-blasted steel surface treatment to remove foreign bodies from metal surfaces, ensuring the perfect adherence of the subsequent coats of finish.
  • Joints sealed with polyurethane prior to applying the surface finish coats.
  • Double polyamide epoxy primer with Zinc Phosphate on each part and component of the machine (eliminating the possibility of suffering from surface corrosion).
  • Hot galvanised finish in areas on which operators walk or handle, such as ladders or guardrails, or zinc-plating on elements subject to friction and wear and tear.
  • Unit processing of parts prior to assembly.
  • Use of DACROMET fastening elements with non-electrolytic coating to protect them against corrosion.
Speedy supply and service.

We offer the fastest delivery times in the market.

We have a stock of prefabricated modules at our manufacturing plant that simplify the production process and reduce the delivery times.

Minimum logistics costs associated with shipment and delivery

Our mobile plants travel directly coupled to the tractor unit and all other parts are transported on standard HC containers, which are cheaper and easier to handle. Huge savings for your company.

In addition, the compact dimensions of our plants means only one or two of these containers are needed for most of our models.

Tested at the factory. Hassle-free, with no unexpected problems.

Frumecar’s plants are tested at the factory before they are shipped to the customer, preventing any form of unexpected problems and minimising the time required to commission them.

Equipped with 100% proprietary and built-in software; forget about compatibility problems and duplicate suppliers.

Frumecar’s concrete batching plants feature our “K2” software, the most advanced, stable and reliable software in the market. In addition, these plants are compatible with “Frumecar Cloud”, our Business Intelligence platform, a system that can take your business to another dimension.

Therefore, our plants eliminate the need to depend on third-party applications for their operation; less complications, less problems.

Guaranteed operation.

Frumecar’s plants have a redundant automation system that allows them to continue operating in the event of computer malfunction.

Frumecar will supply a «Digital Twin» of each plant to its customers, on which they can conduct research, tests and train their teams without the need to interrupt the operation of the real plant.

In the event of an incident, our technicians can connect to the plant and work directly on it using remote assistance systems. In any case, our technical service can travel to your facilities and resolve any incident.

A flexibility and service only Frumecar can offer.

When you acquire one of Frumecar’s concrete batching plants you also acquire the know-how, experience and reliability of a company that focuses on R&D for the sector and with a true service vocation, with 49 years of experience in the market and more than 4,500 satisfied customers.


Request our catalogue for more information about our full range of concrete batching plants.


Reliability and ease of assembly.

The most comprehensive range of top-performance concrete mixer plants; discover our models and the customisation options.

PLANTS Dry mix

Versatile and high capacity.

For small or large production volumes, with everything you need to make your business profitable.

Accessories, configure your plant tailored your needs.

We offer a huge range of accessories for our plants, so they can be adapted to any specific circumstance or need. Contact us for more information about your specific needs or request a catalogue.



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